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Gesund und munter Team
Gesund und munter Team

about us...

Specialists in the field
Woman's body, soul and spirit
Pelvic floor and diastasis recti

We are a great team of women from the fields of fitness, psychology, physiotherapy, yoga and competitive sports.
Even after the birth of our children, we do not forego sport and are happy to have specialized in the female body before and after the birth over the years. We offer a wide range of courses and personal trainings as well as workshops, tailored to your needs. Quality is important to us, the groups are small and manageable, we will always pay attention to the best possible posture of your body in all live workouts.

Are you looking for group training, individualized training, workshops on the subject of pelvic floor and diastasis rectus or videos to train at home on your own first? You are right here, we will make it possible for you.

My name is Daniela Bernsteiner, I am your contact person.

As a native of Austria, I am a keen outdoor athlete. Swimming, hiking and mountain biking in summer or skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing in winter - fresh air and above all exercise is what I need!

Ausdauer steigern Herzogenaurach

what is important to us ...

... your health and well-being!

Our offer is designed so that we can be sure that we have done everything to make you feel better!
Even during pregnancy we would like to prepare you for birth and life after giving birth to your beautiful baby or babies. We love to work with people and are happy about every woman (and man too) who comes out of our courses strengthened and full of joy, happiness and well being. The courses are structured in such a way that you can actually participate all your life - we always need a "strong middle"; o)

Exercise after giving birth


Before you start exercising again after your pregnancy and childbirth, your body should have enough time to regenerate. Particular attention is paid to your uterus and your pelvic floor. You can only really get started when your pelvic floor is resilient. Moderate training has no negative impact on breastfeeding or pregnancy, and helps you as a mom to get fit faster and reach your comfortable weight. In any case, you should discuss your sport and fitness plans with your gynecologist or midwife.

Women power for power women!

We offer you various courses, workshops and other services that will inspire you and encourage you to do good things for yourself and your health. 
Look at yourself, because YOU ARE UNIQUE!

why sport related to childbirth and especially for women?

unsere Angebote

Your health flourishes with us

Thank you for your message!

Contact information


+49 (0) 172 857 2231


Haydnstrasse 44, 91074

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