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fresh & healthy

Your diet is healthy, you pay attention to high-quality products, regional vegetables, fruit, little meat, etc. 
Organic and regional shopping is important to you, and you reject food additives, artificial flavors or flavor enhancers, genetically modified foods and preservatives - great!

Do these principles also apply to your inner and outer body care, and did you know that your skin is your largest organ AND you absorb a lot of good things and bad things from it?
So why smear chemicals on your skin when there are many products with only natural ingredients and without microplastics and artificial hormones - i.e. preservatives!

Gesundheit und Frische
Daniela Bernsteiner gesund und munter
Körper und Seele in Einklang bringen, Sandra Zanner

I believe that I can change the world with my shopping behavior.
I only want natural products on and in my body.
I want the same for my children - no hormones and a clean, healthy environment.
This applies to body care, cosmetics, hygiene products, facial care and to food supplements and diet drinks.


I bear responsibility here: for myself, for my body, but also for an intact environment. That's why the  inspire meRINGANA products  and the RINGANA philosophy very much, and I am happy to be able to share this with you!


Smart combination of natural proteins from wholegrain rice, flaxseed, sunflower seeds and peas with an ideal amino acid profile and optimum bioavailability. Omega-3 fatty acids from microalgae as well as linseed oil and omega-6 fatty acids from safflower oil achieve a perfect fatty acid profile. Carbohydrates from rice and active fibers from guar and citrus fiber provide support to meet daily challenges. A wide range of vitamins and minerals from natural sources provides the body with all the important micronutrients. The sophisticated composition and the low calorie content of the meal replacement contribute to weight loss and support long-term maintenance of the desired weight.

gesund und munter
gesund und munter
gesund und munter
gesund und munter
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