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Your health, as well as your body, is one of the few things that you cannot replace. Your body is your temple, it is your refuge and your home.

"The secret of success is to get started." - Mark Twain

We like cooperations and try to bring the best to our side for you. All partners have been put through their paces personally by us and we recommend the following from the heart! We are convinced of a holistic approach, this is the only way to harmonize body and mind.
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RINGANA consistently follows a clear line: EFFECTIVE and FRESH. Of course, the company of our choice also acts ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS. And environmentally conscious means that not only the environment, but also our entire environment is protected. Ringana therefore not only acts in a resource-saving and sustainable manner, but also fairly towards all the various partners - from purchasing raw materials to sales. The result: pure and effective fresh cosmetics and fresh products that you can use with a clear conscience.

Just take a look at what's out there. I am very happy to order from my dear friend and cooperation partner Katharina Beyer


Well-coordinated exercises ensure an upright posture and effectively strengthen your back muscles to avoid tension and bad posture. In order to strengthen your endurance, additional strengthening units are included in the courses. For example , power walks can be optimally carried out with a stroller in the park.
To strengthen, maintain, mobility of the flexibility of your body, we show you effective stretching exercises. They will relax both your body and your mind. The program lasts about 60 minutes. You can also do the exercises shown at home to train there too.
All courses are currently taking place online! Units are recorded (from the speaker's perspective) and are available online for 1 week. (Herzogenaurach region)

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Jede Frau hat Anspruch auf eine Hebamme!

Hebammenhilfe kann hier in Deutschland von allen Frauen in Anspruch genommen werden. Die Leistungen werden direkt mit den gesetzlichen Krankenkassen abgerechnet und übernommen. Viele der Leistungen werden von den Krankenkassen auch ganz getragen. Manche Kassen bezuschussen oder erstatten ganz oder teilweise sogar auch noch  zusätzliche Leistungen, wie z.B. Kurse mit dem Partner oder der Partnerin. Erkundige dich bitte zuerst bei deiner Krankenkasse.
Wenn du privat versichert bist, solltest du dich zuerst mit deiner Krankenkasse in Verbindung setzen, um zu klären, welche Leistungen übernommen werden.

Hier in Herzogenaurach vertrauen wir auf die professionelle und sehr gute Arbeit der beiden Hebammen Nathalie und Martina. Have a look at ->

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