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When is the right time to get started?


Your body but also your psyche have performed at their best in the past months of your pregnancy! So grant them the necessary recovery time and only start fitness and sport after your puerperium.
During the puerperium, important healing and regeneration processes take place, such as the regression of the uterus or the healing of possible birth injuries, as well as the healing of your psyche after the birth.

After a "normal" birth and pregnancy, the puerperium lasts about four to six weeks. However, if you have had complications or a caesarean section, it will take about six to thirteen weeks, or maybe even longer. Don't be frightened, an old midwife saying goes: "As long as the child needs to come, the body needs to let it go again." So your stomach won't be gone straight away after your pregnancy and birth, it takes months, and that's a good thing! Give your body the time to heal, your soul and your spirit time to recover.

The puerperium:

During the puerperium you can already start with light exercises your midwife will do to get your circulation going again and to promote the blood circulation in your body, e.g. small and large circles of the feet, moving up and down of the toes and feet, short walks etc. You can also start with gentle and simple postnatal gymnastics and light pelvic floor training, the best thing to do here is to ask your midwife (s) what exactly you can do in childbed.
These special exercises support the body and mind in many ways.

In the period of childbed you should generally refrain from sporting activities, enjoy your wonderful time with your sweet little baby. This intimate time will never come again!


In any case, you should refrain from such sports in which you leave the ground with both legs, there are violent shocks and or vibrations - "high impact" simply has to wait a little longer after a childbirth, your pelvic floor and your diastasis rectus will thank you. From now on we will support you with all our women power so that you get in your best possible shape.


Drink, drink, drink ...

As so often and now well known, drinking is. But how, where and what after pregnancy?
Drink enough water before, during and after exercise!

Especially at the beginning after your somewhat longer break you should be careful not to get out of breath and into the anerobic area. Lactate could be formed in the blood, which could affect the taste of breast milk and your baby may no longer taste it. Here are a few small pointers for you, if you are unsure, talk to your doctor about it:


The quantities to be consumed before and during exercise:

  • Shortly before exercise: 400 to 500 ml of liquid (non-carbonated water or tea - pay attention to what you and your baby can tolerate and not possibly affect your milk production)

  • Exercise lasts less than 60 minutes: if the exercise is less than an hour, you don't necessarily have to drink, unless it is very hot or you are very thirsty

  • Sport lasts more than 60 minutes: if you are exerted for more than 60 minutes, you can drink sips every 15 minutes (100 to 200 ml) during training.


The best is water without carbon dioxide or more compatible tea suitable for breastfeeding.

Do you want to lose weight and / or change your diet? Don't start doing this in the first few weeks after the delivery, just wait and discuss it with your doctor. Give yourself some time to heal and get used to your new life. The best way to start is with a pelvic floor course or 1: 1 personal training. Until the first year is over, you will be fit as a gym shoe with our advanced courses and you will feel right at home in your body!
Just get started! We know how and are happy to help!




Do you still have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to advise you and to the best of our knowledge and belief.



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